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John Summerfield
Lead Vocals and Guitar.
John is our Musical Director and also deals with bookings and the diary.An Ex-Shipwright.

John Summerfield

John Plays a Fender Stratocaster

fitted with a Roland GR30 guitar syntheziser

thru' a Roland Multi FX board and Boss digital delay

Marshall 25/50 Jubilee Series - 100 watt valve amplifier

with two 4X12" speaker cabs

John guitar  


Keith Summerfield
Drums and backing vocals. Keith looks after the accounts, maintains the van and the lights. An Ex-Shipwright.

Keith plays a Roland TD8 electronic drum kit with a Hayman traditional snare

Alligator 400 watt combo with
4X10" 200 watt speakers

keith drums  

Ian Campbell
Bass guitar and backing vocals. Ian buggers about with the lighting during gigs and sadly very little else.
Training Manager for a local well known cosmetic company.

Ian bass player

Ian plays a Fernandes Expander/Washburn Status/Fender Mustang thru'

Trace Elliot GP12 Pre-amp & PPA Power amp (2 x 300 watt)

using two Peavey Speaker Cabs:

2X10" 350 watt with horn and 1X15" 700 watt Black Widow.

Ian bass player   Ian bass guitar



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