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Limited S 1970/80's

Well from 1974 to 1978, we carried on working the clubs and private parties and organising our own dances at the Blue Lagoon, Hilsea, Portsmouth. In 1975 my second daughter, Rachel was born and with another little mouth to feed, any ideas about going professional also had to go. We had to have steady jobs to pay the bills and I couldn’t rely on the group paying the bills.

In 1978 we decided to change the groups name from “The Parkas” to “Limited S”.

It was Rob’s idea. The “S” stands for our surname Summerfield and we were a business so it was “Limited”.

At that time, the music scene was again changing fast, but we were keeping up with it all the time, buying new equipment. We also held an annual dance every year between 1979 and 1982. They were held at South Parade Pier and were our biggest events, with us selling ticket to friends and family and friends of friends they were attended by about 300 people. We booked a cabaret act and laid on food. They were great good gigs, but very hard work, with work on Monday!!!!! Boohoo!!!.

Early in 1984 things were to change, Rob said he wanted to leave the group as he had other commitments at the time. We had been aware of the situation for a while and had not taken many bookings. So that was it, we did those few remaining jobs and Rob left.

Keith and I had time to think and bythe end of the year we had decided to advertise for a new bass player. We rehearsed with one guy for a while, but after 2 months he decided it wasn't for him. So in 1985 we put another advert in the paper and Steve answered it, so we interviewed him and that’s when we started again. Steve and I practised to get enough songs off to do a full nights session.

We had a our first gig at the R.N.O.C. (Royal Navy Officers Club), in Lake Road, Portsmouth in March 1985. A new “Limited S” was born. We carried on in the same way as before, just keeping up with the times, adding new equipment and trying to improve our sound right through the 80s.

In 1986 we had our first session in a recording studio, which led me in another different direction of interest. We bought an 8 track recording unit with a mixer, and this was installed in my loft for doing group recordings. We started making our own tapes and taking them to gigs to hand out at gigs.

We come to the 90s, and maybe the times are taking a toll on me!!!!!!! Read on.

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