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30/07/07 Paul Fossett -------Move2 Mobile Disco - Hi, I was the DJ at the Wedding Celebration on Saturday 28th July and just wanted to say it was a pleasure to perform with you. I thought you played great sets with an excellent selection of songs. You got lots of people dancing and helped to make a great night. I am often asked to recommend bands and will not hesitate to recommend you to my clients. Cheers, Nice one Paul, good to hear it from a "pro" who see's what the competition are up to. We'll return the favour.
??/05/07 Tony :) - Ex Silhouette Member, also The Streetrods We had a fantastic time last night. The music was great. Would never of believed, that Steve recognised me lol.. 24 Years ago, Wow..Shall like to see ya all in action again. Regards - Tony:) Praise Indeed - cheers Tony, we had a blast. Thanks to all at The Old Canal Inn who mad us and a few friends feel very welcome.
21/02/07 Paula Every1 enjoyed the party me included. Guests enjoyed the music and appreciated a live band. Thanks for the many renditions of happy birthday throughout the night i know im definately 40 now! Do you think we overdid it? Do you feel life beginning?
I like the web site n photos. See ya at the workies oh and weds 7-8pm tennis!byeee
Sheryl Nightingale
I was a guest at the 60th Birthday party of John Cook on 05/01/07 and wanted to thank you for a wonderful night!!! Such a nice change to have REAL singers instead of a DJ!!! Music was great - good choice of songs all went for a memorable evening. Thank You !! Our pleasure, thanks for taking the time to get in touch.
30/06/06 Andy (Billys friend)
You're well good, you sound just like the real thing. This boy excellent taste!
12/05/06 Billy + Ryan+ Lewis from Portsmouth
What a great night out we have when we come and see you play we love the Worm Song. We are so proud of our Grandad, Great Uncle Keith and Steve they are the best. You need to play in Portsmouth more though. Worm Song rules!! Yay! You guys need to gang up on your Mum & Dad to bring you more often. Also you need to learn to play guitar, bass and drums between you, then the 3 of you can take over from the 3 of us when our zimmer frames arive!
23/04/06 Dave g8 show again last night !![22nd]. still my fave band, how many years have you been coming to pennington now ? but just one moan........... WHY DONT YOU PLAY NELLIE ANYMORE ???????? unless you played it after i left lol !! you 3 are brilliant. Thanks Dave, what excellent taste you have. We don't like to shout about it but we're pretty sure our first gig at Pennington was 1986. We could've done Nellie (oooerr missus) - but you didn't ask! admit it, you only wanted Nellie so you could see the daft bint do the loony dance again (she knows who she is)!
mick hey man,they been goin as long as us,they must some kinda reward for that!! maybe the freedom of portsmouth or something!! rock on guys!!!
Wow, a glimmer twin on our website - gis a job!
Elaine Cook We cannot believe you are still as good as ever after playing at our wedding in 1969 and not seeing you again until last month. You still have what it takes and Keith even gave me goose-bumps when listening to his tracks on the cd. Look forward to seeing you all soon. Luv Elaine x. What a rave review - thanks, it was great to see you guys after 37 years too, we'll look forward to seeing you at another gig soon!
12/03/06 ? ( ). Hmmmm..................................Struggling with the technology chum?!
24/01/06 Terrieann Gill Very impressed with the quality of the web site. very informative and what a display of fotos . I can tell you love the job. Hey thanks, glad you like it. We'll pass your comments on to Steve Pannell at Creative Design. If you need a cool web site, you know who to call....!
Kayleigh - Portsmouth i loved the gig on friday! me, jess and lisa seat danced! WOOHOO!!!!!!

Sue - Kent Hi - Are you going to have any gigs in Kent,ie Folkstone Brighton, T.Wells- Regrettably nothing in the diary at present. The furthest east we have is Littlehampton but thanks for your interest.
14/11/05 naomi - Portsmouth hi i'm naomi but i like 2 be called nomo i like ur music its all really cool and its really hip by the way, i'm kayleigh's friend!!:) :P
14/11/05 Kayleigh - Portsmouth hi everybody, ur music is brilliant!!!
i love all ur songs!!! ur versions are soo cool!!! xx

14/11/05 John - Portsmouth
Yes, so hip and groovy!

13/11/05 Steve - Portsmouth Well LTDS were just fabulous at Vospers last night, can't wait until they are back so we can have another night of boogie!


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