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The Early 60's



The Early 60's

In 1960 my friend Terry Marshall, brought a violin round to my house. He was a year older than me, went to Eastney Modern School and was learning to play! I saw it and thought “I must learn to play that when I go there next year”. And in September 1960, that was what I did.

So 1961 came and the music was gradually changing, then in September 1962, I heard a song on the radio, which was so different from all the rest. It was “Love Me Do” by the Beatles. Another formative moment.

1963 and things were now starting to happen. We had a tape recorder at home and I was taping from the radio every Sunday from 5.00 till 6.00, “Pick of the Pops” with Alan Freeman, so now I was getting all the hits every week!!!! A lifesaver, just what I wanted. Around August that year, my Aunty Margaret said, “Do you want some tickets to see the Beatles”, which I did! I went with my Mum and that was my first pop concert. This changed me again, “I wanted a guitar”. My Mum and Dad indulged me and bought me my first guitar.

With my chord book and all the sheet music my Dad and Mum had, I started to practise. All I wanted to do was to play all the latest songs to myself in my bedroom. That was later to change!!!!!

In September 1964 with the music scene still changing and me still practising, I started work in the dockyard. It was certainly a change of lifestyle, no more summer holidays!!!

So, on to 1965! Well that’s another story! Read on

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