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Hopefully you're here because you want to send us a message or are interested in booking the band! For general messages, see the box bottom left for a link to our message board. Otherwise read on.....

There are some things you might need to know:

We're available at reasonable cost (except if you want us to drive hundreds of miles and play for hours and hours...when it will obviously get a bit more pricey!)
Our repertoire is varied and we will tailor it to suit your function/customers.
We have lots of large speakers but all of the amplifiers have volume knobs and if asked politely we can be persuaded to turn them in an anti-clockwise direction!
Those big speakers are handy for some of the larger venues though! Having said that we can also squeeze into some pretty small places too!
We can play recorded music between live sessions; this can vary from background dinner music to full-on dance party! Tell us what you'd like in advance and we'll do our best to fulfil your requirements.
We like to fuss about with scenic backdrops and lights 'n' stuff, so we need to get in about an hour before we're due to play and it will take us about an hour to pack away and clear the venue after we finish playing.

If all that sounds OK then either call or e-mail us!
Call John (or JohnnyGuitar as he likes to be called) on:

Tel: 023 9273 5838 or e-mail:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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