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Back to the Future

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Back to the Future

The 1990s had arrived and inevitably the music scene still continued to change. We were still keeping up with the times and changes, updating and improving our equipment, and recording ourselves at home. Personal changes came about in my life now, so it all got a bit harder for me.

We could see the changes in the social club scene, they were gradually doing away with groups for Friday and Sunday entertainments as the numbers of people coming to the clubs were diminishing. Clubs went for the cheaper options of discos and duos, but Saturday nights were still steady and it didn’t affect us too much until the end of 90s.

Steve kept modifying his amplifier and speaker combinations through this time whilst I kept to my Marshall amp and speakers. I have had my Fender Strat now since 1973 and could not do without it now. By the end of the 90 s we decided to advertise in yellow pages as clubs and agents became less reliable sources of work. So in 1999 we put an advert in the entertainers section. This gave us a new lease of life bookings wise. In the years to follow and generally from 2000 onwards we now do a lot of private functions and still some regular social clubs and our diary is about as full as we want it to be!!

In 2004 we had a write up in the Portsmouth evening news about us, as I think we must be the longest running group (except for the Rolling Stones of course) to be still continuously playing for all those years, with one member change in the group, and one name change. And there are no signs of us wanting to stop yet!

We decided that the next step was to have a website on the internet, so here it is!!

So, I will keep you updated. I'm sure Steve has something more to say about his background and his time with the group after 20 years, and I will try and get Rob to put together a piece too, as without him we would not have started, and we certainly would not have come up with the idea of having all the lighting and backdrops.

I would also would like to thank all the neighbours in Shirley Avenue, Milton, Portsmouth, who used to put up with our practise nights in my Mum and Dads front room on a Wednesday and all the neighbours in Oliver Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, who are still putting up with (a little less) noise from us!!!!!

But finally to thank Uncle Ron, and my Mum and Dad for encouraging us to go for it as a group. My Dad used to say “It keeps them off the streets” – well it certainly has done that!!

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