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Ian Bass Player

Ian (commonly known as the quite one) On the 6th October 2006 I officially took over the role of Bass player from Steve.

In the early seventies my friend from across the road and myself both brought electric guitars and not unlike John, we too rehearsed at our parents houses in Telephone Road, Southsea. We soon recruited another friend from the street too play guitar whilst Gary and I concentrated on the vocals and even persuaded Gary's older sister to buy a bass guitar and start learning to play. Three days before our first ever gig at a youth club in Southborne, Gary's sister decided she could not perform, so guess who had to learn to play all the bass parts quickly and still sing.

This then led to me co-founding local band lazy along with Gary. Lazy started out life as a four piece (Ian, Gary, Vic and Dave) performing in Gosport with the Thorngate Pantomime and Variety company, first as a backing band for some of the regular performers and the girl dance group and then, eventually our own spot. The success of this led to us performing live in pubs and clubs, where after a while we became a five piece adding another guitarist (Roy) and changing drummers (Kev for Dave) due to the type of music we are playing, back to a four piece (Ian Gary, Roy and Kev) and then finally a trio whereupon we decided to carry on and Carmargue was born. After about three years I decided to leave only to be asked to rejoin again four years and another two bass players later.

Sadly Carmargue finally came to rest and I then joined a duo called Waves, which comprised of a friend from senior school and the second guitarist from Lazy (Roy). After two years this line up came to an abrupt end. Not long after I bumped into Gary one day while we were both visiting our parents, we decided to form another duo and Gary's mum came up with the name Full Circle. When Full Circle finally split I rejoined Roy to form a duo named Beat the Blues. This was an eventful two years, playing all over the country and having a full time job as well, was not not a good mix. Health problems led to me giving up, only to come out of retirement for Christmas 2005 and 2006 to play at a charity gig with a dad of one of my son Jack's friends, one year on bass guitar in a four piece featuring a female vocalist and drummer and the next back on six string this time as a duo.

In 2007 with the passion for music back in my system I placed an advert in Nevada's (Bass player requires band) and in July I received a phone call from John from Limited S, asking if I would be interested and would I like to go and watch them play one evening. This then led to another phone call asking if I would like to go along to a practice night, where I was introduced to Keith and Steve.


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